A Free Tool for Business Owners to get MORE BUSINESS NOW!

Heard about GeoFencing?
What about Smart Beacons?

We are looking for Key Folks in select markets throughout the World.

Our Exclusive and Proprietary systems will take any business to the next level.

Are you ready to be on the Cutting Edge of Technology?


Google Discontinuing Nearby Notifications

See the Google Announcement.

There is no longer any way to use GeoFencing or Beacon Technoloty without having the user download an app.

Whats-OUT is NOW the Premier Product on the market. Not only are we Light Years ahead of everyone else, our products WORK.

Join the GeoTargeting World
for FREE

We don't require ANY Investment on your part.

Whats-OUT is growing. We are now in 8 Languages, on 5 Continents, and we are looking for leaders to help us expand.

GeoTargeting is the Future. It's EVERYWHERE in the world and here to stay. Our system is the single most adanced in the world and we have solved all the barriers to entry.

And the best part, we GIVE it to Business Owners for FREE.

So What's Driving This Trend?

Smart Phones

And the Window of Opportunity is RIGHT NOW.


Time to took a look at the Latest Technology.

It's time to become The One Stop Shop for ALL your clients Digital Marketing Needs with Multiple Products.

We are the Developers, we Own the code.

As we add new products to our already packed lineup, you get those as well, for FREE.
See "What we Supply" below.


GeoTargeting is the newest and most effective way for Any business to get More Business Now.

The Business owners Free GeoFence will reach out and Find New Customers.  Watch the Video.

Just below, see what the Prospect sees...

We've Solved the Issues

Like any industry, GeoTargeting went through a growing phase.
As the Developers with our Own Code, we have Solved All the issues.


Maxing Out of GeoFences?

Been in this industry?

Had issues with the number of GeoFences being able to run at the same time in a given area?


All Businesses, All Devices.

Range and Reception.

Even Google has issues in some areas and on some devices.


App Downloads

Which Comes First?

Businesses want to see lots of App Users.
App users want to see lots of Businesses and lots of deals.
So which comes first?

We GIVE the Business owner Tools to Grow.

There are two ways businesses will get involved.

First, our Magic 250 system, the "Self Seeding" system just below.
We take the Selling out of the process.
Second, some business owners will find your site and create their FREE GeoFence on their own. It's designed as a Do-it-Yourself system.

App Users find businesses "Near Me" and when they "Like" the business, they have just sent a very clear message that they wish to engage.

The Business owner now has a choice.
Subscribe to a package and engage that app user, or stay free and ignore the request, very possibly letting the prospect engage a competitor.
And when they subscribe, you make a % every month.

No Sales Involved.

There have been a LOT of companies in this space and most have failed. They hired sales personnel to try and convince business owners to purchase subscriptions, and then they were puzzled when they failed.

What if there was a Better Way?

What if you just walked into a business and Showed them THEIR APP? Think you would have their attention?


Our Full Lineup

Our Success depends upon your success and when we partner, you have access to everything we offer.

We don't stop at our Whats-OUT system.
Our Entire Line is FREE to our Resellers.

Free Reseller App

Smarter App
Introduce your Business
  • Not just any website, a Google AMP site.
  • We customize it to you.
  • It links to WhatsOUT.info showing everything.
  • We can give you a Subdomain off the main site or you can use your own domain.
  • You track all enrollments so you get your credit. Tracking will soon be built in.
  • We recommend getting your own hosting with Your Domain name, and our preferred choice is the Silver Plan from HostBudget for just $12/year. We can then "clone" the site to your hosting.

Customer App

Join the Club
Club site for Business Owners
  • The .biz site is for your Business Owners to stay in the loop.
  • Gives them the Who, What and Why of the business.
  • As new products are introduced, they will sign-up on their own and your income just went up.
  • We make this this as Do-it-Yourself as possible so you can concentrate on getting new business clients.
  • Optional sign-up for our Video Newsletter system that will keep them in the loop, growing your business and income.  

Push Button Marketing

Sales Tools
Using your Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Several different presentations.
  • The new Google AMP format for Extreme Page Load speeds, meeting the Google benchmark of 2 second page loads.
  • We want you pushing buttons and showing, not trying any High Pressure Sales.


Camera Ready
Customized to You
  • Many times the Owner won't be in the business when you call. You need a Sure Fire way to get them interested.
  • We have 4-up, tri-fold and bi-fold literature for leave behind.
  • Powerful and Hard Hitting.
  • Designed to make your follow-up Much Easier.
  • Window Stickers and Table Toppers for Consumer App Downloads.

One of Several Designs

This became our Main Design after testing others.
Fold the MoreBusinessNow over so it's on the front.
The "Are you Ready to get..." is then on the back.


The Inside

Open it up and they see this.
It's in a standard 8 1/2" x 11 page so you just print off the front and back, cut, fold and start handing out.


Vista Print

We supply you with graphics and instructions on how to make your own cards at Vista Print. Customize as you wish.


Double Sided Cards

You can choose double sided as well.


Business Owners Success Keys:

Get Found by New Prospects
Engage Them on their Device of Choice

Business owners are already spending a lot of money on ineffective advertising. It's the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over yet somehow expecting a different result.

Why? It's all they know and it's also all the Media sales personnel know.

The future is GeoTargeted ads that reach people when they are most likely to do business and engage, when they are Close to the Business.

Their Free Listing will pop-up on prospects phones as they get close.
What happens next will determne their success.

As mentioned earlier, we have Numerous systems to help our resellers. The Following may get a little overwhelming and seem complicated but as a reseller, these systems are available at no charge to help you grow your business.



Your Reseller site will link to this Progressive Web App.
WhatsOUT.net shows a summary of the Who, What and Why of our full line.

If you choose to have us host, we can give you a domain like Bill.WhatsOUT.us

We suggest getting your own hosting for $1 a month and we can put the site on your hosting, customized to you.
The Best Hosting.



This smarter app is designed to explain to a business owner just Why our system is important to their success and includes some How-to information. It's a great link to have on a leave behind piece.

If you watched the Magic250 presentation above you understand that the next step is to SHOW the business owner just what they get and how they proceed.
In other words, what they do next to Grow their Business with our system.



This is a simple yet Hard Hitting system to get end users to download the app. We've solved "The Chicken or the Egg" scenario with a system that is working.
Note the page load speed. This one is in the Google AMP format so even folks entering a mall from the remote entrance will get Fast Access even if the internet is slow.
This is also reached at WhatsOUT.app.

More Ways we
Get App Downloads...

We are constantly adding ways to get more End Users involved.
Here are just a few and more are being added...


Window Sticker

Businesses Promote Their App. The link is in the Google AMP format for near instant page load, even in poor connection areas. For instance, someone outside a mall may not have the greatest internet connection but with Google AMP that doesn't matter. 


Business Flyers & Table Toppers

We have several flyer designs and also our exclusive Push Button Marketing System mentioned earlier.


Reseller Site

This will be your Go-To site for training, announcements, updates, etc.
It's in constant development and updates frequently.


Free to Everyone
  • Free App for Consumers
  • Free Tools for Businesses

  • To our Resellers
  • No up front Fees.
  • No Monthly Fees.
  • No Subscription Fees.
  • Earn a Monthly % of Every Subscription Plan from Every Business.
  • Ongoing Monthly Residual as long as we are partners.

The Mobile Device has Completely Changed the Game.
Traditional Advertising Methods no longer work.


They are presented in a Linear Format: Intro - Message - End
People don't even Think that way.
And that's just One of the issues.

You may already get it and not need to see this presentation. It goes a little deeper explaining the What, Why and How of our system and is just another example of a sales tool you will be able to access. We'll have a series of these.


Starting to Get It?

The Difference is Support!

I am the direct contact for all Western Hemisphere resellers and I know Marketing. In fact, I have a Ph.D. on the subject and I've founded and sold several successful businesses. When you partner with Whats-OUT, you partner with me and all the tools from my BizHelpCenter and Smarter.Marketing® divisions.  I don't leave anyone hanging, it's my goal to make you some serious money and Resellers get my direct Cell Number.

If you have looked at this industry before it was probably via. a hyped up webinar where they wanted an up front fee. In that type of arrangement there is little incentive for the supplier to offer you much help because they get their money up front. With our arrangement your success drives our success, and that makes for a Win/Win Partnership.

And folks, we have a lot more in the pipeline. Think about something.
You get your business owner into the Free system and they start to receive the messages on "How To". Something else will catch their eye so they enroll in that. Your income just went up and you weren't even involved in the decision.
Soon they begin to ask, "What Else do you have?"
You become their One-Stop-Shop for all Digital Advertising.

Don't want to wait too long!
A Business proposition that is Going Fast.

One Stop Center

Our Suite of Tools is about One Thing...Marketing Smarter

We show business owners how to Get and Keep More customers, and do it more effectively and inexpensively than Anything in the History of the Planet.

After all, isn't the name of the game more customers, more profits, and at the same time, SAVING MONEY?
Soon you will be adding more of our products to your Business Customers, and when you get serious we can show you how to get into several other areas that will help your business owners, like the AppVolv system which is the Evolution of Apps. The goal is for you to become the "Go-To Company" for all their Digital Marketing needs. 


Our Ideal Partner

Is this you?

  • Comfortable Calling on Business Owners and cold calling.
  • Experience in the B2B Market isn't required but would help.
  • Must own a Smart Phone and a Computer with good internet connection.
  • We don't need you to sell, our Magic 250 system handles that.
  • A realization of the Power and Need for GeoTargeting in the Business Market.
  • A Strong Desire to Help Business Owners Grow their Business.
  • Friendly and Personal, we don't need any Hard Sale types.
  • Strong interest in developing Long Term relationships with Business owners.
If you can hand out flyers and remain in contact with business owners, we need to talk. Most businesses have no clue as to the power of GeoTargeting so we use our Magic 250 system to SHOW them.
This isn't a get rich quick deal. It will take some time but the income is Residual, month after month and just keeps growing.

Let's decide if it makes sense for both of us.
Contact me and we'll see.

Take it for a test ride, see for yourself.     

Why not register your business in your own Free Account?

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